Put together your own harp! Choose the model, type of wood and decoration, handmade for you!


We offer something for everyone:

from beautiful beginner harps adapted to the height of children, to elegant 'professional' Celtic harps

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Since 2006 Kerscher harps are produced in the workshop of Bernadette Kerscher in Mühlstetten, Nürnberg Germany.

The 7 different models are all manufactured in high quality wood and have a naturally finished top layer based on wax, providing a soft satin appearance and allowing easy elimination of eventual damage (e.g. a scratch or dent in the wood due to transportation). Special about these harps is that they are made of massive wood components, which not only displays beautiful wood structures, but also contributes to the magnificent warm and full timbre of the instruments.

All harps can be supplied with gut, nylon or carbon stringing. The perfect string tension and string distances according to the basic standards, give the harpist the best opportunities to develop a good playing technique.

Different types of decorations can be applied, at the top of the neck, the sound box or on the flanks. Harps can be ordered, built completely according to the taste and needs of the customer. Each harp is thus unique, both in sound and in looks, radiating its own aura!

The 'rolling' semitones system (levers) developed and patented by Bernadette Kerscher herself, allows for a very precise and smooth operation. The levers are manufactured from high-grade nickel-plated metal and for the markings of the C and F levers small red and blue stones are worked into the top of the lever..