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Waasland Celtic Harp Center ... the realization of a dream I never knew I had

When as a 3-year-old girl I heard for the first time the sounds of the Celtic harp, I immediately knew this would become my instrument. The brightness and 'tenderness' of the Celtic harp music touched me to the depths of my soul. Once I came of age I went to the harp music school in Ghent where I lived.

When after finishing music school I wanted to continue my study to become a professional harpist, it became soon clear that one has no alternative in Belgium, besides the pedal harp. Whoever wants to start as a professional harpist, needs therefore a classical schooling at one of the Conservatories. Still the love for the Celtic harp, the instrument everyone starts with at the music school but that most people after a few years exchange for the larger pedal version, continued to itch under my skin and I decided after a few years to buy a Celtic harp. The music you play on this instrument is much simpler but therefore none the less touching people's hearts, on the contrary: the purity and simplicity of Celtic melodies are a lot more accessible to many people and evoke memories of trips to Celtic countries.

The more I delved deeper into this music and this instrument myself, the more my world opened up and the more I saw the difference between the position the Celtic harp has here in Belgium and in countries such as Ireland, Scotland and Brittany.

In Belgium, the Celtic harp is usually considered a 'stepping stone', a 'beginner's instrument on which one is taught the basic technique, but which after a few years is exchanged for the much larger version, the pedal harp, whereon a totally different kind of music is played.

In Celtic countries, however, the Celtic harp, has a rich tradition. In medieval times, it was the accompanying instrument of choice for the itinerant troubadours and today great efforts are still (or rather again) made to keep this tradition alive. In these countries, the Celtic harp is a valuable instrument besides the other instruments and a specific playing technique also evolved with dance music and ornamentation techniques, that surely is vastly different from the modern playing techniques on a pedal harp.

Slowly the dream grew, to create a place in Belgium where the Celtic harp also gets the attention it deserves and where there are activities to enjoy around Celtic harp and harp music. A place where you can learn to play the harp without prior knowledge of music, where you can learn melodies by ear without stress or hurry, where enjoyment and closeness are central to the music.

The encounter with Bernadette Kerscher and her harps two years ago, gave this idea a more solid form and from the friendship and admiration for her instruments grew a collaboration that eventually resulted in our new music room and showroom where from now on, we welcome anyone with a lot of enthusiasm and a warm heart!


For more information about Lakshmi Matthieu :  www.lakshmi.be